3d printable
Digital Ivory
Ivory substitude



Ivory in its perfection – digitally produced in a 3D-printer without any animal suffering.

Timeless elegance, fragile beauty, and silky smoothness – attributes that one associates with ivory – if there wasn’t the bitter aftertaste of its extraction. With Digory®, we have succeeded in creating a substitute product that combines all three qualities and perfects them in a high detailed production.


Two material scientist have made it their mission to end animal suffering. What can you do from a distance, from a chemical point of view, without a biological or zoological background? Well, elephants can suffer in many ways, mainly from threats such as habitat loss, poaching, captivity and human-wildlife conflict. Not everything can be solved at a distance, but Eburo has found a way to make poaching an even more irrelevant attempt to obtain ivory. The introduction of an eco-friendly, vegan, 3D printable ivory substitute can be a paradigm shift.

“Digory® is the only high quality 3D printable ivory substitute.”