3d printable
Digital Ivory

What is Digory®?

Digory® is a new 3D-printable material, which was inspired by ivory. The combination of the words “digital” and “ivory” has led to the creation “digory”. Similar to ivory, Digory® consists of an organic matrix with inorganic ceramic particles.

eburo digory

Timeless Elegance

Our processes allow us to restore artefacts originally made of ivory as well as to produce exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces in deceptively quality.

Fragile Beauty

The art of carving ivory to delicate objects is now conserved using 3D printing. Structures with dimensions lower than 1 mm are build layer by layer.

Silky Smoothness

The smooth surface adds to the aesthetic appearance of Digory®. Individual post-processing of each piece guarantees a natural-looking surface with an authentic shine.



Timeless pieces of jewelry for a luxury-feeling with ivory-mystique.

Decorative pieces

Enhance your instruments, interior and more with highlights made of Digory®.


High quality restoration of cultural, ivory objects.

Our process

From digitalization to post-processing 

– with us everything is possible


We have the possibility to scan already existing products in 3D or create customised 3D models using a computer aided design (CAD) software.

Additive manufacturing

High-quality products with ivory-like properties are made possible by Digory®. The material is processed by means of additive manufacturing.


Digory® products can be individually refined by applying traditional handicraft techniques to resemble the ivory surface even more.

“Enjoy Digory®; and elephants can live their lives.”