About us

Tailor made – with passion – in Austria

Years of research and perfection led to the unique material Digory®. 

In 2022, with great enthusiasm and a touch of adventure, Eburo was founded. This journey into entrepreneurship began as a university research project by Thaddäa Rath. Shortly after the initial idea, Sabine Bodner, a long-time friend and former fellow student, joined the project, which developed into a concrete step towards founding a company, driven by passion, a wealth of ideas and common goals.

Eburo is not just a company for us, but a project close to our hearts. Our vision of an eco-friendly, 3D printable ivory substitute can be a paradigm shift in order to end animal suffering.

Digory® reflects our commitment to the highest quality, with special attention to sustainability, through the special manufacturing process, as well as the ability to respond to the wishes and specifications of our customers. Each piece is manufactured in several process steps with great attention to detail and finished by hand.


By combining our skills, coupled with this unique product, we are confident that Eburo will not only be a business, but also an asset to our customers and the community and hopefully a game changer for endangered species such as elephants. The establishment of Eburo marks a significant step in our journey together. We are grateful for the support we have already received and look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you. Your support and input means a lot to us and we invite you to be part of our story.

Thaddäa Rath

Thaddäa Rath

CEO – Management, customer service and production

Sabine Bodner

CFO – Financial management and customer service

Thaddäa and Sabine studied materials science together at Montanuniversität Leoben, where they first imagined founding a business together. While Thaddäa moved to Vienna for her doctoral candidacy to develop Digory®, Sabine continued her doctoral candidacy in Leoben and additionally studied industry economy. Reunited in Eburo they are the perfect team to lead Digory® to the market.

“Eburo provides technical feasibility for creative minds.”